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Competition Packages - Competition Packages w/Race Pipes

These kits allow for the deletion of the DPF, CAT, EGR, & DEF

Maximize the performance of your diesel truck and save money with CAT/DPF Delete Pipe Packages from Dale's Super Store! The pipes in these packages delete the CAT/DPF and bolt up to your factory exhaust between the downpipe and the muffler. This is a less expensive option when compared to the price of a full exhaust kit.

Our packages include the CAT/DPF delete pipes and the tuner that you will need to program the ECU. This is the starting point that will enable you to delete the CAT and DPF plus it will disable the EGR valve without throwing codes or going into limp mode. For trucks equipped with DEF, you will no longer need to add diesel exhaust fluid and you can cap off the lines or remove the tank completely. We offer programmer and pipe packages for all 2007.5 and up GM, Ford and Dodge diesel trucks plus we have numerous tuner choices ranging from a basic delete tuners to programmers with multiple horsepower levels, adjustable settings and monitoring features. These packages are competitively priced to save you money and you can save even more and get even more power with the addition of a cold air intake and EGR delete kit.

Give us a call at 844-487-2787 if you need help selecting a CAT/DPF Delete Pipe Package. We'll answer any questions that you may have and assist you every step of the way!

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More About Competition Packages w/Race Pipes

Doing a CAT/DPF delete is easy when you purchase a package. The programmer will plug into your truck's OBD-II port and the CAT and DPF Delete Pipes are installed between your downpipe and muffler. All of the CAT/DPF Delete Pipe Packages that we offer are well thought out and designed to work together to maximize performance gains so your truck will run strong. They come with the programmer that you need and many of these DPF delete packages have highly configurable programmers for your truck's specific year, make, model, trim level, transmission and tire size.

For those that may be wondering if you can delete your CAT/DPF without using a programmer to install off-road tuning, we have the answer right here for you. Tuning is required due to the oxygen sensors and EGT sensor located in these parts. Off-road tuning disables the sensors and tells your truck run without them. Deleting your CAT and DPF filter and installing delete pipes will substantially increase horsepower and torque, especially if your DPF is clogged with soot and robbing your engine of performance.

Disclaimer: This page contains products capable of disabling emissions equipment. If using DPF/CAT/EGR removed tuning, these high performance products are intended SOLELY for offroad use or closed-course racing use. Buyer accepts complete responsibility use of these items.