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If your are looking to replace your headlight bulbs, and HID or LED kit is the way to go! Both of these options are much brighter, and more reliable than your stock halogen bulbs.

HID Kits: A HID headlight kit will provide up to 500% more light than standard headlight bulbs. Not only are you going to be able to see much better at night, the bulbs last up to 6 times longer! Our standard 35 watt and 55 watt kit are guaranteed for 2 years, our CAN-BUS HID kit is guaranteed for life!

LED Kits: It has been years in the making, FINALLY, LED technology has been applied to headlights and fog lights. We are not talking about your average LED replacement bulb, we are talking about extremely bright LED bulbs with ballasts and a cooling system. Our LED headlight / fog light kits are much brighter than factory halogen bulbs, output a cleaner light, and last up to 60 times longer. In fact all of our LED headlight / fog light kits are guaranteed for life with a hassle free replacement.

If you have any questions, or would like a custom package, please give us a call 844-487-2787. Need to find out your bulb size: Bulb Size Guide

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Lighting - HID & LED Headlight Kits - LED Headlight Conversion Kits
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Description: The Morimoto Elite H3C HID system has earned the reputation as the aftermarket's best set of HID's and the whole set includes the ballasts, igniter, bulbs, harness, and brackets. Bulb...More Details »
Item #: MOR-HID-H3C
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