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These kits allow for the deletion/removal of the factory diesel particulate filter (DPF), catalytic converter (CAT), exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), & the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Our DPF Performance Packages solve the problems of clogged DPF, diesel fuel regen (regeneration cycle), and limp mode by enabling your truck to run strong with a wide open exhaust without throwing any codes. By tuning your truck to run with all of the oxygen sensors, EGR sensors, and EGT sensors disabled you can remove the crippling DPF filter along with the CAT, EGR, and DEF tank.

Deleting your DPF filter will increase horsepower and torque by maximizing engine performance and fuel economy.

We offer basic packages that include the DPF Delete programmer and basic delete race pipes as well full packages with the tuner, turbo back or downpipe back exhaust, cold air intake and more. Let us know what you need and we'll build your DPF Delete Package your way.

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Shop By Vehicle - Competition Packages - Competition Packages w/Full Exhaust
A full exhaust is where it's at if you want the best performance and an aggressive sound from your truck. Our Full Exhaust DPF Delete Packages are designed to give you maximum horsepower that you...More Details »
Shop By Vehicle - Competition Packages - Competition Packages w/Race Pipes
These kits allow for the deletion of the DPF, CAT, EGR, & DEF Maximize the performance of your diesel truck and save money with CAT/DPF Delete Pipe Packages from Dale's Super Store! The pipes...More Details »

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Doing a DPF delete is the first step to becoming competition ready! All modern diesel pickups including Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins and Dodge EcoDiesel are equipped power-robbing emissions equipment. Over time EGR Valves get stuck open or closed, DPF Filters get clogged up and the cost of constantly adding DEF fluid adds up fast. Show up at the track on race day with a clogged DPF and you're going to get smoked, literally! Dale's Super Store is here to help you get back on track with a truck that runs strong again with our huge selection DPF Delete Packages, Our delete packages are all fine tuned to help you achieve your goals and to get the best performance possible. It's recommended to go ahead and delete the CAT and the EGR when you are doing a DPF delete and we have packages available that do it all!

Disclaimer: This page contains products capable of disabling emissions equipment. If using DPF/CAT/EGR removed tuning, these high performance products are intended SOLELY for offroad use or closed-course racing use. Buyer accepts complete responsibility use of these items.