Outlaw Lighting

Are you ready for a revolution in truck lighting and accessories? Outlaw has the answer! We have developed product lines based on bringing you the best possible quality while providing an unbeatable value.


Our HID kits are top notch to ensure easy installation and a long lifespan. You won't find brighter or more reliable HID kits anywhere. Increase your visibility at night by 300% - 500%

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Outlaw LED Light Bars

Our LED Light Bars are developed with the highest quality materials for the outer casing, and the brightest and most reliable LED chips (Cree / Epistar). Our LED Light Bars range from Dually Fog Lights to 55 Inch Light Bars. Most of Our LED Light Bars are available in Spot Beam, Flood Beam, or Spot/Flood Combo. With Outlaw, rest assured you will not have any moisture, and the LEDs will be extremely bright.

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