Recon is a well-known brand that specializes in high quality unique truck lighting. Recon produces Projector Headlights, LED tail lights, LED side mirror lights and several other LED based products as well.

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Projector headlights are available in clear lens with chrome back, or smoked lens, with LED or CCFL halos, and all come with daytime running lights. The projector lens allows you to throw a focused beam a further distance, and works even better with a HID kit.

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Ford Headlights

Dodge Headlights

Chevrolet Headlights

GMC Headlights

LED Tail Lights

Recon's LED tail lights are very popular among full size truck drivers around the world. The unique LED patterns provide great light, reliability, and style. All Recon LED tail lights are available in clear lens with chrome back, smoked lens, red lens, or red smoked lens. Recon has also released LED tail lights for the JK Jeep wranglers.

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Ford Superduty LED Tail Lights

Superduty 08-13 F250 - F650 Tail lights

Ford Superduty 99 - 07 Tail lights

Ford F150 09- 13 Tail lights

Ford F150 04 - 08 Tail lights

Dodge Ram LED Tail Lights

Dodge Ram 09 - 13 Tail lights

Dodge Ram 07 -09 Tail lights

Dodge Ram 02 - 06 Tail lights

GMC & Chevrolet LED Tail Lights

GMC Sierra 07 - 13 Tail lights

Chevrolet Silverado 07 - 13 Tail lights

Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 99 - 07 Tail lights

Chevy Tahoe & GMC Yukon LED Tail Lights

Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon 07 - 13 Tail lights

Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon 00 - 06 Tail lights

Chevy Avalanche 07 - 13 Tail lights

07 - 14 Jeep Wrangler LED Tail Lights

LED Third Brake Lights

LED Third Brake Lights are a recommended upgrade and look great on any truck. Since they are LED Third Brake Lights, they feature a unique lighting pattern and unmatched reliablity.

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Ford F150 & Superduty LED Side Mirror Lenses

LED Side Mirror Lenses are available in smoked or clear lens with amber LEDs for Ford F150 & Superduty trucks.

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Ford F150 & Raptor 09 - 13 LED Side Mirror Lenses

Ford Superduty 08 - 14 LED Side Mirror Lenses

Ford F150 & Raptor 09 - 13 LED Side Mirror Lenses Only

Ford Superduty 03 - 07 LED Side Mirror Lenses

LED Cab Lights

LED Cab Lights and Lenses are available in smoked and clear for most full sized trucks. Installation is simple, especially if you already have factory cab lights installed. Since they are LED, you know that you're receiving top notch reliability and brightness.

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LED Tailgate Bars

LED tailgate bars are available in various sizes, colors, and some even feature a signal function. This is a great and affordable way to improve the look of your tailgate.

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Ford F-Series Illuminated Emblems

One of the coolest upgrades we've seen! Light up your F-150, F-250, or F-350 emblem in red, white, or amber. Illuminated emblems are available in chrome or black background.

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Ford SVT Raptor Illuminated Emblems

Light up your Ford SVT Raptor emblem in red, white, or amber.

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