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Aftermarket Lighting

There is a lot that can be said about having aftermarket lighting on your ride. Not only do you stand out, but look much better while doing it. We carry a full range of light products from aftermarket light replacement to improved bulbs in the lights to additional accessories such as LED light bars, LED driving lights, and tailgate bars. There are thousands of lighting products available to you from the most popular brands in the industry including our in-house brand Outlaw Offroad Lights. Looking for HUGE SAVINGS? Check out our lighting packages and you might save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Performance & MPG

What do you use your vehicle for? Do you drive offroad? Heavy Towing? Long Distance Towing? Racing? We have the performance parts you need to make your truck, SUV, or jeep perform at its max potential. Browse exhaust, cold air intakes, programmers, fuel systems, and more. Not only do these performance parts improve horsepower your MPG will increase with most upgrades. As always you can SAVE BIG by getting a performance package, possibly saving you thousands.

External Accessories & Train Horn Kits

This category of upgrades encompasses thousands of products both cosmetic based, performance based, and others unique but amazing. Improve the look of your front end with a billet or mesh grille. Scare the neighbors with a train horn, or even drive hundreds of extra miles between fill ups with a Titan Fuel Tank (diesel trucks). We can provide you with savings that you won't find anywhere else on these products.

Dale's Super Store

Since 2001, Dale’s Sales and Service has traveled our country selling high quality Billet Grilles and Automotive Accessories. Our industry leading -guarantee for life- policy on all Dale’s Brand Products. In 2010 the torch was passed to a new generation of the family and Dale’s Billet Sales LLC was formed.... read more »