Do I Need a DPF Delete Pipe?

A common question that we get when customers are researching how to fix a clogged dpf system is how do I fix this. People usually are misinformed to delete the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Unless this is for an unregistered offroad use. This is misguided advice, most individuals are not aware there are simple affordable options other then deleting emissions equipment.

Factory DPF Filter

If you delete your trucks DPF you have to remove sensors or tie up sensors in a plastic bag. You have to flash your trucks ECM. Which if you forget to tell the dealer can be lost and cost you hundreds to replace. You have to buy a special off-road exhaust system.

The other legal solution is replace or service your DPF filter. Replacing is as easy unbolting and bolting up a new filter. No tuning or anything else required. Replacement DPF filters can had for as little as $1100. Doing a DPF service kit is cheaper up front and in the longterm. You have your factory filter cut and rewelded with bolt flanges so you clean it. This means you will not have to go through a costly repair ever time the filter clogs.

The best part of these on road options is you don’t have to worry about “bung holes”, does this “bung holes”, what do I do with the stock sensors, and how do I tune my truck?

Freedom Filter DPF Replacements


Q. Will I need custom tuning?

A. No custom tuning is necessary. If you want some extra power we do offer some great on road legal tuners and piggybacks.

Q. Will you need delete pipes and race exhaust?

A. No pipes or exhaust are needed.

Q. Do I need bungs or without bungs.

A. No. Since no sensors are disabled by the DPF/CAT/EGR programming, The factory sensors can stay plugged into the existing pipes. You won’t have to remove or tie them up.

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