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BD is a jack of all trades for getting the most out of a diesel pickup. They offer legendary turbo solutions both in single and twin setups. Intakes, intake plenums, intercoolers and exhaust manifolds to cool down your vehicle and feed their turbos. Transmissions , valve bodies, and torque converters are also available for putting that power to the ground. They also offer fueling upgrades with fuel pumps, injection pumps and injectors to get to that peak power. Other items they offer are exhaust brakes, tuners, and shift kits. BD has the means to cover your needs.

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Description: Instant throttle response Diesel or Gas engines Quicker turbocharger spooling Easy to install with factory connections Adjustable sensitivity levels Reduce Pedal Lag Boost...More Details »
Item #: 1057738
Condition: New
Price: $285.00

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