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Regardless of your heavy-duty diesel needs, we have you covered at Dale's Super Store. We specialize in diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and selective catalytic reduction systems. We have a wide variety of emissions compliant parts, ranging from new and OEM to aftermarket and remanufactured. We aim to keep you on the road longer and federally compliant.

We ONLY offer Emissions Compliant parts.

We currently do not offer any non-CARB approved product for sale in CA.

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More About Heavy Duty, Class 8 & 9 DPFs, DOCs, SCRs

DPFs play a crucial role in trapping and reducing particulate matter emissions from the exhaust gases. They act as efficient filters, capturing soot and other harmful particles and periodically regenerating them to maintain optimal performance. This ensures that the majority of particulate matter emissions are effectively controlled.

SCR systems are another essential component of Class 8 and Class 9 emission systems. They utilize a chemical reaction involving a urea-based solution (commonly known as AdBlue) to convert harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. By injecting the precise amount of AdBlue into the exhaust stream, SCR systems significantly reduce NOx emissions, promoting cleaner air and environmental sustainability.