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Turbochargers are vital for modern engines, using exhaust gases to boost performance and efficiency. They compress incoming air, increasing power without larger engines. They enhance acceleration, towing, and fuel efficiency by maximizing combustion. They are widely used in diesel engines for higher performance and reduced emissions.

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A compound turbo kit is an aftermarket modification for turbocharged engines that enhances their performance by utilizing two turbochargers in a specific configuration. This setup, commonly known...More Details »
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A turbocharger increases an engine's power output by forcing more air into the combustion chambers. The turbo actuator is responsible for controlling the turbocharger's turbine and compressor...More Details »
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Turbo cartridge and supercore assemblies are essential components of turbochargers that play a crucial role in boosting engine performance. These assemblies consist of the turbocharger's core...More Details »
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Turbo compressor wheels are crucial components of turbochargers that play a vital role in increasing engine power and efficiency. These wheels are responsible for compressing the incoming air...More Details »
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Turbo housings are critical components of turbochargers that enclose and direct the flow of exhaust gases and compressed air within the turbocharger. They play a crucial role in optimizing...More Details »
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Description: OE Cross: 03L253010J, 03L253010JX, 03L253056E, 03L253056EX, 03L253056Q, 03L253056QX, 100TBC580S, 1700702323, 220014114, 31806, 4351721, 54409700005, 54409700020, 54409700035, 54409880005,...More Details »
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More About Turbo Systems

A turbocharger consists of two main components: a turbine and a compressor. The turbine is driven by the engine's exhaust gases, while the compressor is responsible for compressing the incoming air. As exhaust gases pass through the turbine, it spins rapidly, driving the compressor wheel to draw in more air and compress it before delivering it to the engine's intake manifold.

The compressed air from the turbo allows the engine to burn more fuel, resulting in increased power and torque. This phenomenon, known as forced induction, provides a significant boost to engine performance, especially at higher RPMs. Turbos are commonly found in high-performance and diesel engines due to their ability to generate substantial power gains without significantly increasing engine displacement.

In addition to increased power, turbos also offer advantages in fuel efficiency. By delivering more air into the engine, turbocharged engines can achieve better combustion, leading to improved fuel economy. This allows for a balance between power and efficiency, making turbos a popular choice in modern automotive and diesel applications.

To ensure proper operation and longevity, turbos require regular maintenance and care. Adequate lubrication and cooling systems are crucial for the turbocharger's health, as excessive heat and lack of lubrication can lead to premature wear and failure. Regular oil changes, using the recommended oil grade, and allowing the turbo to cool down before shutting off the engine are essential practices to extend its lifespan.