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For any diesel owner, one of the easiest modifications on your engine is the air intake. Air filters are what separate dust and particles from being pulled into your engine, but the factory intakes tend to be restrictive. The air flow that enters into the engine can be enhanced with one of our air intake products from AFE or S&B Filters. After installing one of these intake systems you will notice: Better fuel MPG, Enhanced acceleration performance, Cleaner airflow into the engine, Louder exhaust note, & Faster spool times.

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Cold air intakes are popular aftermarket upgrades for engines, designed to enhance performance by improving the air intake system. They replace the stock air intake system with a specialized...More Details »
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A new diesel air intake system can add an additional 20-30% HP increase depending on your engine & intake design. Once the air intake system is installed, you will notice difference in throttle response, as the more free-flowing your intake is, the less fuel the engine will require resulting in less performance lag. With a less restrictive air flow into the engine, your ECM will require less fuel in a more oxygen rich environment. Therefore, you will notice better fuel economy. Factory air intake systems are typically more restrictive and don’t allow for maximum airflow. Since the engine needs more oxygen than the intake can provide, the engine has to provide more power by increasing the amount of fuel it sends to the engine. Factory air filters are made from paper and require new filters frequently. Replacing the factory system with one of our high-quality S&B or AFE intake systems will allow you to clean your filter vs. total replacement. If you are interested in the longevity of your diesel, opting for a higher quality filter is a must. if you’re unsure what system will work best for your diesel please chat with us or give us a call at (844) 487-2787! Our friendly staff are knowledgeable and ready to help you find the perfect match to enhance your ride in every way possible.