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Ford EcoBoost Vehicles - 2021+ Ford Bronco EcoBoost 2.3L / 2.7L / 3.0L
After being gone for 25 years the Ford Bronco returns bigger and better then ever. Aimed directly at the ever-growing adventure vehicle market the Bronco delivers a door-less, open-top...More Details »
Ford EcoBoost Vehicles - 2019+ Ford Ranger EcoBoost 2.3L
Though new to the US market in 2019 the Ford Ranger with the 2.3L Eco Boost motor and 10 speed transmission has been in production for over eight years in different markets around world with...More Details »
Ford EcoBoost Vehicles - 2011-2014 Ford F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L
The 2011 to 2014 EcoBoost F150 is one of the best value to performance trucks sold today. High tow rating, and the ability to make big power power with few modifications. Popular bolts-ons include...More Details »

More About Ford EcoBoost Vehicles

The Ford EcoBoost is a motor that uses a mixture of direct fuel injection and turbocharging. This gives Ford the ability to increase fuel efficacy while raising power. Below we will discuss these two important factors.

Direct Injection

The first part of EcoBoosts formula is direct injection. Direct injection is a type of fuel injection which is the way gas is introduced or “injected” into the motor. Standard fuel injection uses the intake to help bring gas into the cylinders. Direct injection bypasses this system and results in a more refined way of mixing air and fuel. This is the “Eco” in EcoBoost and makes the powertrain more efficient. Without this innovation Ford would not have been able to use these motors in production cars. As times have called for more and more emission friendly automotive & trucks.


What really sets the EcoBoost motor apart from Fords other engine line up is the Turbo Charger. Ford is not new to turbocharged powertrains having developed numerous race engines and production motors. A lot of these power trains were partnerships with Cosworth but these motors never saw life in the states. Most of these cars were sold in England and Europe.

So the Turbo Charger is a device that pushes motor air into the intake side of the motor. What makes a turbo unique is that is recycles wasted exhaust gases. This is advantage over a supercharger as there is no parasitic drag on the power train. Its Free Power per say and the more power the motor can make the more boost it can create.

This is what makes the “BOOST” in the EcoBoost powertrain.