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Tuning a diesel is a complicated, involved, time consuming process. All diesels come with on-board diagnostic computer systems that help the engine adjust to temperatures, loads, and other variations. These parameters come from the manufacturer and typically meet most standards for the average driver, but they leave the advanced consumer and competitor in the dark. At Dales, we want to bring you into the light; we want your truck to outperform its neighbor in every setting and offer you the best in performance and towing capability. Your factory ECM (Engine Control Module) has the ability to be adjusted with certain software adapted into our Tuners/Programmers. With a few short clicks on one of our tuning devices, your vehicle will be ready to tackle any task at hand, and you with the added confidence to diagnose and correct common engine issues months and miles before they turn into serious engine failures.

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Performance chips, also known as engine control units (ECU) chips, are electronic modules that modify the factory settings of the vehicle's ECU. They reprogram the ECU to adjust fuel and timing maps, resulting in improved engine performance. These chips often require installation by a professional and can provide noticeable gains in horsepower and torque.

Performance modules are similar to chips but are typically plug-and-play devices that are easier to install and remove. They connect to various engine sensors and modify the input signals sent to the ECU, effectively altering the engine's operating parameters. Modules can offer similar performance gains as chips but with the added convenience of easy installation and removal.

Tuners, also known as handheld programmers or programmers, are devices that allow users to customize and optimize various engine parameters themselves. They often come with preloaded tuning maps or allow users to create their own custom tunes. Tuners typically connect to the vehicle's OBD-II port or ECM directly, providing an interface to adjust settings such as fuel maps, ignition timing, and turbocharger boost pressure. They offer flexibility and control over the tuning process, making them popular among automotive enthusiasts.