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Tuning a diesel is a complicated, involved, time consuming process. All diesels come with on-board diagnostic computer systems that help the engine adjust to temperatures, loads, and other variations. These parameters come from the manufacturer and typically meet most standards for the average driver, but they leave the advanced consumer and competitor in the dark. At Dales, we want to bring you into the light; we want your truck to outperform its neighbor in every setting and offer you the best in performance and towing capability. Your factory ECM (Engine Control Module) has the ability to be adjusted with certain software adapted into our Tuners/Programmers. With a few short clicks on one of our tuning devices, your vehicle will be ready to tackle any task at hand, and you with the added confidence to diagnose and correct common engine issues months and miles before they turn into serious engine failures.

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Engine tuning is the key to harnessing your diesels true capability, while keeping some safety checks in the process. By adjusting your fuel/air ratios and timing, most of our diesel tuners can push up to an additional 250 horsepower over their factory parameters. Most tuners are designed for on-road street use, and add some power while keeping a lot of the factory emissions and safety guidelines in check, while others for competition and race settings can disable your emissions system and allow you full control of your engines performance. Most of our tuners allow you to change the horsepower levels depending on your preference and comfort, and allow fine tuning on your transmission and even odometer/speedometer correction. We offer a large selection of well-known performance chips such as the EZ LYNK and the H&S Mini-Maxx, as well as DPF delete tuners, street tuners, modules, and custom tunes from the leading manufacturers including PPEI, GDP, Anarchy, SCT, Gearbox, RaceMe, Motor Ops, PIP and many more.