Dales EcoBoost F-150 Custom Tuning Guide

Once you order your device and tunes, you will begin our custom tuning process. To get them loaded on your truck please follow the steps below.

STEP 1: After you placed you order the tuner, you'll actually be sent a "uloaded" device without custom tunes. It will have SCT's pre-loaded "canned" tunes, you will need this deevice to look up some important information about your EcoBoost truck inside the ECU. This will allow us to build custom tune files tailored to your setup.

STEP 2: Once you receive your tuning device, it will need to be attached to your trucks ECU thorugh the ODB-II Connect the device to your EcoBoost's OBD-II port, turn the key on but do not start the truck. Navigate to the "Vehicle Info" option. This is where you need to write down your truck's "ECU Strategy Code" (if you a 2.7L EcoBoost F-150, you need the "SWPN#" also).

STEP 3: Take your ECU Strategy Code (and SWPN# for the 2.7L EcoBoost folks), over to our EcoBoost F-150 Tuning Form Page or fillout the email form we sent you after purchase. All information must be filled out before submitting.

STEP 4: The information will be sent to our lead EcoBoost tech for review. Once reviewed it will be sent to the Tuner so the files can be created and sent to you in a email for loading.

STEP 5: Download your tunes as .cef files accessible on your Windows PC. You can load the Tunes on to your device using SCT's software, and then into your truck. If you're having issues with this step, please contact us for help.

Please See Our Instruction Pages with videos on how to load tunes on your specific device.