I've thought for a long time the problem with the web is faceless transactions, too many mega sites that seam to offer everything under the sun but when you call for help it either rings till you hang up or goes to voice mail. Our staff and Dale love working on trucks, blowing black smoke, and tearing up trails on the weekend. We guarantee your satisfaction with the parts we sell, and are always looking for feedback from you. Good or bad, tell us what you bought, how did you like it? Tell us about your project, or ask for our advice? Tell us what products we need to look at adding. Dale likes to reward return customers and customer truck pics with loyalty discounts and invites to truck shows. Our guiding values are simple, we believe in a Customer Bill of Rights. Customer Bill of Rights. You have the right to expect courteous, knowledgeable salespeople to help you in placing your order. You have the right to expect communication in the form of order confirmation and tracking. You have the right to expect prompt shipping and delivery. You have the right to satisfaction with your purchase and support as well. We set the bar of expectation high so your overall shopping experience is worry free. We want to be your source for Truck Performance and Styling products again and again. It is our goal to make sure that you have been satisfied with your purchase. We realize the online Truck accessory market is very competitive, and we believe that quick shipping, great customer service, knowledgeable technical support, and our low prices lead will accomplish this. Try us and see.